Our beautiful Market Tote bags have been designed and made in conjunction with the organization SHOHOJOGITA.

The organization SHOHOJOGITA is a Bangladesh word which means “helping each other”. It was born on January 26, 2004.

The principal vision is to help the rural poor widowed and divorced women by creating employment for them. The concept basically came from the good feelings of love for the indigent people in society.

SHOHO is a Fair Trade organization and doing social-oriented business in rural Bangladesh. A total of over 140 producers (95% women) organized and having over 800 products such as jute bags, basketry, floor mats, macrame items, date straw leaf, leather craft, hogla basket and hand embroidery and also producers have excellent capacities & skills to prepare products according to buyer/partner requirements.

SHOHO dreams to establish a free society from exploitation, oppression and injustice as well as a society, where each individual will be able to live in peace, harmony and also a fair share of resources belonging to the community.


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