Early beginnings

canvas home was founded in 2008 by British designer and entrepreneur, Andrew Corrie. Andrew’s vision encompasses a duality between urban chic and a more relaxed country environment. All canvas home products work equally well in both settings.

Many pieces in the collection were initially made to fulfill specific needs in Andrew's own home and after they passed this initial "test" they were then developed for the canvas home line. This simple task has allowed us to form a very intimate design philosophy and process. Andrew's mantra has always been The home is a blank canvas, let us help you paint a unique picture, reflective of the life you lead.

Design philosophy

"canvas home is a collection of modern, sustainabile home goods, inspired by the beauty of hand crafted objects. Our motto 'simple, sustainable style' perfectly summarises our design philosophy and world goals."


We believe a blank canvas is something full of possibilities and with unlimited potential. At canvas home we celebrate the beauty of natural materials that are crafted into simple, one-of-a-kind shapes and silhouettes. Our pieces are timeless in their design and useful in their purpose.


We strive to use materials that are sustainably sourced, be it reclaimed wood, recycled glass, or fast growing bamboo fibers. We believe in supporting artisans in developing countries. In fact, we give 10% of our profits to organizations supporting artisan groups and are proud sponsors of the canvas home Small Grants Program, which is run in conjunction with Aid to Artisans.


Designing beautiful things for the home is our driving passion. By offering a range of sophisticated pieces that work perfectly well together as a collection or paired with other treasured items, you will be sure to enjoy them longer and cherish them forever.

Our core beliefs

  • Artisans who know their craft
  • Creating things that live happily in a city, country or beach home
  • Designing beautiful thigs you will want to live with forever
  • Non-profit organisations: we are big supporters of Aid to Artisans
  • Sourcing American Made Products
  • Beauty in imperfections
  • Splurging on big items and having fun with the small
  • Long meals with good friends
  • Wanting our children to eat their greens & letting them use the sofa as a trampoline