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Nagasaki Coffee Spoons in Matte Copper

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Inspired by traditional Japanese shapes, our Nagasaki Coffee Spoons are streamlined yet playful - perfect for an afternoon coffee, or simply as decoration.

  • Imported.
  • Material: Stainless Steel (18/10) with copper titanium plating.
  • Color: Matte Copper
  • Set of 6 Coffee Spoons

Overall Dimensions

  • 4.5"L

General Care

Hand washing:̴Ì_We recommend hand washing of our cutlery. Wash immediately after use with hot water, mild dish-washing detergent, and a non-abrasive sponge. Rise and dry with a soft cloth.̴Ì_

Dish-washing:̴Ì_Rinse off all food particles immediately after use. Load knives together, handle-end down. Load forks and spoons separately from knives, handle-end down. Refrain from overloading dishwasher and combining stainless steel flatware with other types of flatware, and gold or silver plated items. Run dishwasher with mild dish-washing detergent. At completion of wash cycle, remove flatware immediately and dry with a soft cloth.

Do not leave̴Ì_cutlery̴Ì_to air dry or permanent spotting may occur.̴Ì_